Instagram plans a very important movement within its approach as a social network. If he had already left behind the idea of ​​sharing images to become a messaging application and microvideo, now the idea is to copy directly to YouTube to become a video platform. And its official presentation is very close.

The application knows that it has a user base that has progressively fled from its parent company, Facebook. Given that the videos do not finish curdling among the adolescent audience, they have thought: why not add them to that platform where the target audience is present? That’s one of the reasons to make Instagram the new YouTube competition.

After blatantly copying Snapchat now it’s the turn of the most important streaming video portal in the world. The platform has invited the press to an event on June 20 in the United States with the intention of presenting in public the great renovation of the app.

The idea is to attract creators of video content to Instagram by offering them a better platform for the visualization of their creations and also for their monetization. This implies a huge deployment within the platform and also a substantial change for those who use it: from the Stories of a minute at most we will pass to long videos, although they will have a specific section within Instagram.

It remains to be seen whether users will adapt to the new format or the channels will have to resort to Instagram growth services to start their video channels with a minimum of activity to attract other users.

The growth in Instagram during the last months, and the special interest of the adolescent public for the application and integrated services, has made Facebook look at it as a platform where to exploit the video format in an attempt to finally beat YouTube. They already tried it on Facebook itself without success: most of the quality creators have progressively abandoned the platform.


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