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How to recycle your old computer and parts

TechnologyHow to recycle your old computer and parts

The growing awareness about environmental threats has caused a sudden upsurge towards recycling activities. With the increasing amounts of e-waste being generated each year, one must re-think before turning those high-on computer raw materials into mere garbage and dumping them into landfills. An electronic device is a collection of several components. Each of these components is further composed of ferrous as well as many other non-ferrous materials, which if recycled properly, can help gadget companies save nearly 50% of their raw material cost. Recycling e-waste, including computers and related components, today, makes for one of the best and the only guilt-free solution to promoting sustainability and environmental purity!

Why should you recycle?

  • Because it is worth the pain! Simply because you have spent quite a lot of time, money and efforts in finding an ideal gadget for your needs and demands, also means that you must recycle these gadgets when replacing them with new ones. Old electronic items including mobile devices must deserve the same attention as the new ones.
  • The secret recipe! Believe us, they are your source of extra income! Recycling old computers and components reveals never-thought-of-things which could help you earn some cash-back even after they’ve become redundant. Electronic items are made up of different components which can be extracted and sold in the market as raw materials or useful junk.
  • Get some great Exchange Offers! Try repairing little defects in your old computers so that it could still fetch you a good resale deal. Sites like eBay, Amazon, etc. roll out value-for-money exchange deals every now and then wherein you can easily exchange your old gadget for a new one and save money.

Try out these easy tips for recycling old computers and components NOW:

  • Re-assemble: Take out the still usable and good-to-go components from your old computers. These can be your hard drives, motherboard, monitors, mouse, speakers, or even the whole CPU! Re-assemble them and only buy the remaining parts, so as to have your own new computer assembled at a much cheaper cost.
  • Cash for Scrap: Just Google a good and trustworthy scrap dealer, such as Cash My Gadgets, who can pay a good price for the electronic components of your computer.
  • Second Life: advertise about your resale among friends, family, local community. There is a great chance that what may be outdated for your technical demands, might turn out to be the perfect choice for a school going kid who needs the computer just for web browsing and Microsoft office purpose, or maybe someone else who uses just the basic functionalities given by all modern computers.
  • Do Charity: Indulge in doing some charity by donating your old computers to schools, NGOs, governmental organizations, etc. who are willing to take these for reuse.

So next time you just jump out to take your computer to your nearest junkyard, think about recycling old computers and components in newer ways to save a lot of money indeed.


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