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3 important factors that affect the quality of video recordings


It goes without saying that you would want the video footage that you record to have good quality – but what does that actual mean? Most people can easily distinguish between high quality videos and poor quality videos just by looking at them, but few actually know what causes some videos to look better or worse than others.

While you don’t need to know all the technical details that affect the video quality, there are a few important factors that you should be aware of. Knowing and understanding these factors will help you to record better quality videos – and identify the source of most issues.

Video resolution

The resolution of a video consists of the dimensions of its frame – measured in pixels. Nowadays some resolutions are simplified, and a 720p resolution is actually a video that is 1280 pixels wide and 720 pixels high.

Resolution has an important part to play in the quality of video recordings because it determines how much detail is captured. Videos that are recorded at higher resolutions will have better definition and will look crisp and clear.

Frame rate

Every video consists of a series of frames that are played one after the other in quick succession – and the frame rate is the number of frames in each second of the video. With more frames every second, videos look smoother and more fluid – whereas with fewer frames the video may seem to ‘stutter’.

Nowadays the standard for acceptable video quality is 30, but for high quality videos you may want to push it to 60 instead. Just be aware that videos with higher frame rates have much larger file sizes – which makes them more difficult to handle.

Encoding settings

After you record your video you will have to save it using a format – and this is what is known as encoding. Part of the format you choose will be the codec, and it will compress the video using certain algorithms.

The encoding settings can affect the quality of the video in several ways – but the most notable of which is the bitrate. It is the amount of data that the video uses, so if it is too low the video quality will suffer and artifacts will start to appear.

Additionally the frame rate should be the same as the original recording, or an appropriate alternative frame rate.

To sum it up if you want to record high quality videos you should record at high resolutions and frame rate, and then encode the video using an appropriate bitrate. That takeaway is something that you can apply to any video recording.

On top of that if you record a video and the quality is poor, you should be able to figure out why and take steps to fix it. That will undoubtedly prove useful moving forward, as it will ensure you’re always able to record high quality videos if need be.


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