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Call of Duty Warzone will pit cheaters against each other with its new update

TechnologyCall of Duty Warzone will pit cheaters against each other with its new update

Infinity Ward has set out to curb the proliferation of cheating players in Call of Duty: Warzone games in every way possible, which is why the latest update to the battle-royale incorporates a change in matchmaking to match these types of users with their class.

In other words, players will be punished for living all the burdens of fighting in the same game with those who don’t want to win by regular methods. Will it be a long ordeal? Not much more information about this system has been offered so far, so you don’t know if the period to return to the normal games will be extended for several days or not.

The authors of Modern Warfare have also guaranteed in their publication new security updates as well as a greater technical effort to implement other actions to stop this plague that suffers the battle-royale of this game.


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