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Google Meet is now like Zoom: video calls with 16 people at the same time


In the last few weeks the alternatives to Zoom have received a lot of improvements, both to catch up with the winner video call app in the lockdown and to surpass it in many ways.

The latest is Google Meet, Google’s video calling service that recently added integration with Gmail. Google also announced that it would be implementing more new features “soon”, and just today they arrived.

The main difference will be seen when organizing video calls in large groups; from now on Meet supports 16 users in the same meeting. To achieve this, it has also copied one of the best things from Zoom, the gridded division of the screen, assigning a space to each user.

This way, we can see all users participating in the video call at the same time, and not dynamically with four people as is the default in Meet. Using large screens is recommended in these cases, although this will not be a problem if we are teleworking.

That’s why, at least for now, only the web version of Google Meet supports the new grid view; although it’s expected to reach more devices in the future, with the web we’re more likely to be engaging in conversation from a computer.

It is no secret that this update is aimed at those who are teleworking because of the COVID-19 containment. Another very interesting new feature is the possibility to “present a Chrome tab”; in other words, it allows us to choose a Chrome tab and share it with everyone present at the meeting. This way we don’t have to share the whole screen, as usual.

Google Meet now also has built-in noise reduction, so it will be able to filter out background noise on our calls automatically, so only our voice is heard.

The update is already reaching G Suite users, although these new features are expected to arrive gradually over the next few weeks.


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