Taking advantage of Star Wars Day, “May the 4th”, Electronic Arts has announced the arrival of a new free content update for Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, the third person action-adventure game developed by Respawn Entertainment.

This update adds two new game modes that will make the title more adjustable for those who have already finished the story, as well as new cosmetics and various community requested adjustments.

There will be a new game mode, Meditation Training, which can be accessed through meditation points scattered throughout the game map, allowing you to face various combat challenges against waves of enemies and bosses.

This mode also includes a new combat grid, a sandbox where you can build your own combats. Here you can select a location, define the size of the combat, vary its difficulty and even access several particularly unique enemies.

Meditation Training will be unlocked when we have completed the game for the first time and started again from New Adventure+, which will give us the chance to restart the story with all the previously unlocked collectible cosmetics, as well as unlocking some unique ones, such as the Inquisitor’s Uniform and the Red Light Saber Crystals.

In addition, we will find new cosmetics to modify the lightsaber, as well as new aspects for BD-1 that can be achieved by completing Meditation Training challenges.

Finally, a number of highly requested accessibility changes have also been made, such as new text size options, quick-time events omitted and alternators to simplify interaction with objects and world travel.


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