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MicroProse comes back to life announcing three simulation and strategy games


The historic MicroProse, a veteran American company that during the 80s and 90s managed to innovate and boost the development of simulation and strategy games (RollerCoaster Tycoon, 1942, Grand Prix) and bring to life the Civilization and X-COM franchises, is back from the dead after almost 20 years since its demise. MicroProse returns with three branded PC games: Sea Power: Naval Combat in the Missile Age, Task Force Admiral and Second Front.

Sea Power: Naval Combat is a strategy and simulation game developed by Triassic Games, a young independent studio with offices in Poland, Germany and Sweden and with the main designer of Cold Waters among its ranks. In this title, players are invited to take control of NATO and Warsaw Pact forces during a naval conflict and in an uncomfortable situation: a series of conflicts have broken out in Central Europe, the war between Iraq and Iran is escalating and Soviet forces are advancing through the Norwegian Sea.

In Task Force Admiral, players will command an American aircraft carrier force during the early Pacific War (1937-1945). From the position of Admiral (and first person) it will be necessary to complete the destruction of enemy naval units and prevent the Imperial Japanese Navy from achieving its objectives. This will require the deployment of real-time naval and air warfare tactics with “realism and historicity, without compromise,” says the title description.

Finally we have Second Front, a tactical game set in World War II that promises to offer an intuitive interface and fulfill the premise of easy to play but difficult to master. The title features different campaigns involving fronts involving German, Russian and American forces, which will face each other in realistic battles with 60 turn cycles from morning to night.


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