Modders from Grand Theft Auto 5 are still messing around with the game almost seven years after its release, and the latest mod makes it look like a real next-generation game.

NaturalVision Evolved, the new pre-access version of the NaturalVision mod, has been presented in a spectacular trailer, and takes the realism of Rockstar gameplay to a new level.

NVE applies various enhancements to weather effects, lighting, colours and textures and models of buildings around the world, to the point where it’s sometimes photorealistic.

The NaturalVision mod for GTA 5 is the result of the work of a group of modders led by Jamal Rashid, better known as Razed. According to Rashid’s Patreon, they have spent years creating this latest version of NaturalVision which is now available in the form of an advance access subscription of ten euros per month. “We had to modify hundreds of files/variables, several 3D models and numerous textures to achieve the result that would make the game look like the next generation,” said Rashid.

It’s inevitable, seeing all this, to imagine what an eventual GTA 6 could look like with the power of the new generation of consoles.


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