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Civilization VI now available for free download from Epic Games Store


Epic Games Store is giving away this week’s Civilization VI for PC, the 2K strategy and simulation game. It is also confirmed that the next titles to be given away by the digital store will be filtered.

Epic Games Store has announced today the new free game that will be offered during this week to the users of its digital store: this time it is Civilization VI, the strategy and simulation game developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K, that will be available at zero cost from today until May 28th.

After having provoked a flood of downloads of its previous free game, GTA V, Epic Games Store returns with this weekly promotion that bets this time on a work of strategy and turns. Civilization VI can now be downloaded from the launcher or the Epic Games Store website, but to redeem it you’ll need to activate two-step authentication.

Civilization VI is the sixth installment of the popular civilization management franchise. In it, we’ll take control of a society that begins as a more or less peaceful coexistence but can end up triggering the most brutal and bloody world war. We will have to make our nation prosper by battling against well-known personalities from the history of humanity, or by allying ourselves with their countries so as not to end up in the crosshairs of their nuclear weapons.


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