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Ubisoft will publish Anno History Collection on June 25th


The makers of the Anno saga announced today via an entry on their official blog that they are going to publish an in-depth remastering of four games in the series under the name Anno History Collection. It will arrive at PC on June 25th and can already be booked through Uplay, although it will also be possible to buy each game of the collection separately.
Four remastered games, including expansions and new multiplayer modes

The Anno History Collection (which will be exclusive to Uplay) will include, remastered, the following franchise titles: Anno 1602, Anno 1503, Anno 1701 and Anno 1404, including their expansions and all official content published to date, although each of these remasters may be purchased separately.

Anno History Collection is a deep remastering of the mentioned games because not only their graphic aspects will be modified, but also new game modes will be implemented. In fact one of the main attractions of this collection is that it adds online multiplayer to all the games, including Anno 1503, which will run through the Uplay servers and will have features that we have seen in Anno 1800, the latest game in the franchise.

At the performance level, the games have been enhanced to run in 64-bit to improve the way it works and also its stability. All games included in Anno History Collection will also support a wide range of resolutions including 4K. Finally, saving systems have been implemented to allow importing games from the original games.


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