One of the biggest controversies in recent months regarding the Google Play Store was Epic Games’ refusal to include Fortnite, one of the most popular games in the world, in the Google store due to the 30% cost over the revenue that the Play Store charges developers. Although two years later the game finally arrived at Google Play, the company still has plans to compete against Google and Apple stores.

Epic Games is one of the veterans of the video game industry, and although it is popularly known as the company that developed Fortnite, it is much more. One of its greatest assets is Unreal Engine, one of the most powerful multi-platform game development engines, in addition to its PC-based video game store Epic Games Store.

The company has an entire infrastructure to develop a video game platform in Android, and they are working on bringing it not only to Android, but also to iOS.

Although there are already many alternative stores to the Android Play Store, in the end each of them is a subset of the Play Store, offering a smaller catalog of applications and games. However, the specialized stores are smaller and except Fossdroid for free applications, there are no more examples. A specialty store for video games would be a big step, and Epic Games has many assets in its favor.

For now, it has already managed to install a small version of its store with only two games on some OnePlus phones distributed in India, but that could be the way to go: sign agreements with manufacturers to install their store “in factory” next to Google Play.

We’ll see what Google does and whether they’ll let it gain ground so easily in such an important source of income or, on the contrary, they’ll try some ruse to thwart any competition, however much it benefits the users.


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