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The three best free video editing programs

TechnologyThe three best free video editing programs

The usefulness of audiovisual material in the digital world is becoming increasingly widespread, so having a good tool for this purpose can save more than a rush. At this point, it no longer seems necessary to explain the growing prevalence of video in social media or the need for any communication project (whether cultural, personal or commercial) to rely on images to reach users.

However, as the complexity of the medium increases (text < graphics < video), so does the cost of production. That’s why you need to know that there are free options that are up to the task of producing very good quality clips. In our opinion, these are the best.


In terms of features, this free and open source editor is very similar to Openshot. However, it has a strength that few freeware programs in this category can boast: its support for 4K resolution clips. It has a large selection of audio and video filters and effects, and has the ability to work seamlessly with clips of different resolutions and frame rates. Its interface might seem a bit complex for those who are not used to working with this type of program, but it more than meets the expectations one might have of a free editor.


Another free and open source option. All of its tools are freely accessible, without any additional registration or steps. Its interface is intuitive to use and has a wide variety of effects, transitions and titles that can be used to customize your audiovisual creation. It allows you to work with an unlimited number of tracks and although its interface can draw attention to its simplicity, it allows you to create more advanced compositions. This editor is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to make more finished edits, starting with some basic knowledge.


Another free and open source alternative. Although it was conceived as a 3D animation tool, it has some video editing utilities that range from simple tasks, such as performing basic editing, to more advanced actions, such as creating masks. If you have some experience editing videos or doing multimedia work in general, you can give Blender a try. Otherwise, its interface and large number of tools may be overwhelming.


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