Bungie announced yesterday the short and medium term news for ‘Destiny 2’. The most interesting is a new expansion for the game that will be available from September 22nd, 2020. The development team will then implement a new location (Europa, Jupiter’s icy moon) and change the story: a new power emanates from the old pyramid ship on the moon Europa and a dark empire emerges under it.

In ‘Beyond the Light’ a different universe will be explored, with an unexplored destination, new operations and even unusual powers to investigate, something that had already been indicated since the first campaign. The upgrade will also bring a new power to players: stasis, which joins the three existing elemental powers: “Arch”, “Solar” and “Empty”. Titans, sorcerers and hunters will use stasis differently, although more information on the power will not be provided until summer.

Under the frozen tundra of Europe lies the Crypt of the Deep Stone and a new raid. In this location, skills and abilities to work as a team with up to six players will be tested. The story, in turn, will focus on the resurrection of Eramis: The houses of the fallen have come together and built their new empire on the moon Europa, unified under the banner of Eramis, kell fallen from the Dark. Abandoned by the Traveler and the Light, Eramis follows her own path into the Darkness and heads on a collision course with the guardians. To illustrate the new features, a video has been released that offers a detailed look at the contents planned for the new version of this free game.

You can play ‘Destiny 2’ on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia.


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