Sony showed the PlayStation 5. And not only that, it put (almost) all its cards on the table. The PS5 presentation event lasted an hour and was spent on announcements, new features and, as a final touch, the design of its fifth desktop console. Or rather, the two models with which it will reach the shelves this year.

Although expectations were high, Sony was very aware of what will really make the difference compared to other consoles: its games, the return of its key studios such as Poliphony Digital, Guerrilla or a recently acquired Insomniac Games, and a flurry of advances capable of captivating the viewer.

But first things first: months after offering us the first images of the DualSense, the next generation PlayStation controller, Sony has made the design of the two PS5 models official, as well as most official accessories. You may like them more or less, but they have not left anyone indifferent.

The difference between the two models? In principle, in addition to the normal model with a disc player, Sony will offer a digital-only model that will give more purchase options to those interested. Unfortunately, nothing is known about the prices of the officially named PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition.

As for the DualSense, Sony has offered a video in which its most subtle details can be seen better.

In addition, a number of accessories have been introduced including helmets to match the consoles, a remote control, a charger and a camera. However, on this occasion Sony has not offered news about PlayStation VR or its virtual reality game proposal.

What about your game proposal? That was the aspect that Sony has emphasized the most throughout the presentation: up to 26 titles for PS5 have been presented so far.


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