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The gangster game Empire of Sin shows video gameplay


Paradox’s gangster title and Doom’s designer, Empire of Sin, recently featured a 4-minute gameplay featuring the character choice interface, city details, and the first steps when the story begins. The game will be released this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC and new details will be revealed little by little.

In addition to the gameplay shown, Paradox Interactive has revealed a new playable boss, Mob Boss, an Irish-born Chicago native whose main vocation is gangsterism, but he covers it up with a part-time florist cover. The character has a penchant for doing dirty work on behalf of the Catholic Church, although his work is not very charitable.

Empire of Sin seeks to recreate in detail the life of the mafiosi in the midst of Prohibition. From the studio they said that the idea of creating a game of these characteristics came from long ago, from the times of Apple II. In terms of gameplay, the title has suffered comparisons with XCOM, something that the studio has pointed out as one of its favourite video games.

It is worth remembering that Empire of Sin suffered a delay in its estimated release date and at the moment we only know that it will arrive in autumn 2020. The great grandmother of its co-creator, John Romero, will have a character within the game inspired by her own criminal past controlling the prostitution business in Sonora during the 1920s.


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