Google is still trying with social networks, despite a few of resounding failures over the years. The firm, in collaboration with Area 120, launched Tangi, its new social network. This new bet is a mix of Pinterest, with elements of TikTok. Their Android application is now officially available for download.

The idea behind this application is that users can upload their own content, in which they can teach other users tricks and tutorials about various activities. It focuses mainly on decoration, makeup, beauty in general, food and more. Tangi finally arrives at Android.

Tangi is named after the words TeAch aNd GIve. This makes it clear where this Google social network is headed, which seeks to show short videos in the purest TikTok style with little tricks or tips for users. From simple recipes, beauty tricks, decoration or creative ideas in general. From this application you will be able to discover these contents in a simple way.

When you open the application, you can see that the app is divided into four sections: home, notifications, Tryits and profile. The Tryits section is a section where you can tell if you have tried a specific video. If you have followed a video of a recipe or a decoration idea, it allows you to share what you have done with other users and with the account that originally created the content. This way others can see it too.

In order to publish content to Tangi you need to create a creator account. This is done by filling out a form, where you will have to indicate what kind of content you plan to create. Those who are not creators will be able to see other people’s content, write comments, say that they like something, mark contents as favourites, and use the Tryits, to show the result obtained if you have followed any tutorial in the application.


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