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PlayStation reassures fans: the PS4 still has ‘lot’s more life’ in it


It is the question of every generation transition: how much life is left in the current consoles? And the answer, at least for PlayStation 4, is still some time away, this according to Matt MacLaurin, vice president of user experience for PlayStation who invited restless fans to take it easy by “[There’s] a lot of life left in the PS4 (also in the Pro, I hope)”.

The statements come from the LinkedIn forums, where MacLaurin felt compelled to intervene, after the appearance of multiple comments alarmed by the urgency of changing hardware or discouraged by the alleged abandonment of the PlayStation 4 that some recently bought.

“Take your time. We are still investing heavily in the PlayStation 4,” added the executive, who has recently been very vocal on issues related to the PlayStation 5, such as its dimensions and, of course, its new user interface.

It should be noted that although the volume of releases for the platforms of the generation immediately preceding the new one decreases over time, popular sagas such as FIFA or Just Dance continue to support them several years after the transition.

That said, the PlayStation 4 will receive 2 exclusive games in the coming days, starting with The Last of Us: Part II this week, and then Ghost of Tsushima on July 17.


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