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DiRT 5 coming this fall to PS4, Xbox One and PC

TechnologyDiRT 5 coming this fall to PS4, Xbox One and PC

Yesterday Codemasters announced the release date for DiRT 5 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The new instalment of the saga will be available on current platforms on October 9th, with all the fun, and all the speed, of the most exciting off-road racing. And with a completely revamped Career Mode, as detailed in the studio a few weeks ago.

The DiRT 5 Race will have a decision-driven story, with actors such as Nolan North and Troy Baker in attendance. In fact, the two actors are featured in the studio’s latest DiRT 5 video, where they talk about the Race along with dialogue producer Olly Johnson and the Donut Media podcast members who will also participate in the mode.

DiRT 5 was one of the highlights of May’s Inside Xbox game. The racing game, which will be available this fall, will be released first on the current generation of consoles, with a later release on PS5 and Xbox Series X, while it will arrive on Google Stadia in early 2021.


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