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Crucible has worked so badly that today it went from being a released game to being in closed beta


Within two weeks of being released, Crucible lost two of its three game modes. The Amazon shooter has worked so badly that today, less than a month and a half after it was released on Steam, its status will change from launched game to closed beta game. This is the first time we’ve seen anything like this.

The truth is that the release of Crucible has been strange. Since Amazon announced its development at the end of 2016, nothing more was known until a couple of weeks before its launch on May 21, 2020. Even so, you could say the game came out of nowhere: it enjoyed no promotion of any kind and practically appeared on Steam ready to be played without much prior information.

The move from launched game to closed beta is unprecedented and only a company with the resources that Amazon has can afford this kind of move. The change will take place today, so anyone who wants to secure a spot on Crucible should download it immediately. After that, as it will be a closed beta, you will have to register and wait for confirmation to be able to play.

The development study has confirmed that the move to closed beta will not change the game or its plans. In other words, from this afternoon onwards the experience will be the same as it has been up to now: existing players will keep all their progress and purchases and it will be possible to continue entering via Steam without having to download anything else. The team will continue to work on improving its modes, simply in a more controlled environment.

The main novelty in this closed beta is that the developers will hold weekly sessions where they will play with a selected group of players and testers of all levels to ask for feedback and retouch everything necessary to improve Crucible.


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