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Fortnite officially launches Save the World, but it won’t be free as promised


Fortnite’s PvE mode is finally out of early access, but Epic Games will keep it at a selling price of $19.99. It will not be free as promised.

Fortnite came into the world a few years ago not as we know it today, as one of the most successful Battle Royale and free to play games of all time, but for offering a cooperative PvE survival experience called “Save the World”. This mode of play has always been present in the title, although until now it had maintained the label of early access; something that will go down in history from today. Epic Games has announced the official release of Save the World, although it will not be free for all players as promised.

Epic Games has announced that all paid founders will have their founder packs upgraded to the next level and all rewards included in the upgraded pack will be unlocked for free. Owners of the Ultimate Edition will receive the new Metal Team Leader Pack and 8000 V Bucks.

It has also been made known that in the coming months, Save the World will no longer be compatible with all upcoming Fortnite Battle Royale cosmetic purchases, but the cosmetic library will continue to operate in both modes.



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