The network of servers, called EncroChat, allowed communications between electronic devices of criminals, according to a statement by the National Crime Agency (NCA) of the United Kingdom, one of the countries that have acted together with the Netherlands and France.

Criminals around the world were using EncroChat as a way to securely exchange instant messaging on their mobile phones. However, security forces have managed to break their encryption mechanisms and access the network.

EncroChat users used the service to avoid detection when planning various criminal activities including the distribution of prohibited substances, money laundering or even planning the murder of rival criminals.

The so-called Operation Venetic, as it was called and which had been in preparation since 2016 at European level, has resulted in 746 arrests and the seizure of more than 61 million euros – 54 million pounds – in criminal money, 77 firearms and more than two tons of drugs.


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