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Hyper Scape, a fast-paced battle royale for PS4, Xbox One and PC


Ubisoft has surrounded itself with dozens of streamers and influencers to present Hyper Scape, a new free-to-play battle royale developed by Ubisoft Montreal (Rainbow Six: Siege) with versions for PS4, Xbox One and PC. From today and for a limited time Hyper Scape is available through a Technical Test for PC whose participation is subject to viewing Twitch streamers that have the Twitch Drops option activated.

Hyper Scape is presented as an “intense, vertical and ultra-fast paced battle royale” experience. At the start of each game, players, alone or in groups of three, will be deployed in a futuristic virtual city called Neo Arcadia “designed to encourage vertical mobility and fast-paced combat. Its map features rapid transitions from narrow streets to open rooftops and indoor areas, so players will need to constantly adapt their playing style.

One of the new features of Hyper Scape is the hacking, attacking, defending and moving skills that, like the weapons, are scattered around the map. Each player can pick up two weapons and two hacks and change them at any time. If you find a copy of a weapon or hack you already have, you can merge it to create an improved version. In Hyper Scape all items have several levels to improve the load, damage or reload in case of hacks.

Hyper Scape does not have a release date yet, but rumour has it that it will be available, at least for PCs, from July 12th.


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