Nacon and Big Ant Studios present the first demonstration of Tennis World Tour 2 playability. The title will arrive in September on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Nintendo Switch version will be released in October.

In Tennis World Tour 2, users can experience a realistic tennis game that captures all the unique characteristics and competitiveness of the sport.

Using feedback from a fan community comprising some 700,000 players, many aspects of the game have been redesigned from scratch. This includes faster game play that tests players’ skills and nerves. More animations have also been added, improving the realism and fluidity of the game.

Big Ant Studio also wanted to provide more diverse content for this new game in the series by adding tennis doubles and a new competition that tennis players will be very familiar with: Tie Break Tens. This format consists of short matches where the winner is the first to reach 10 points, ideal for when you want to play intense matches and a quick series of games.

Tennis World Tour 2 will offer much anticipated new features, such as the ability to play doubles matches with up to 4 players locally and online, an improved serve system and a new shot timing mechanism.


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