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Design Vision, the electric bicycle from Bosch


While many may consider Bosch to be a brand focused primarily on the home sector, the company also has operations in the automotive sector, where it has been known to manufacture wireless charging systems for electric vehicles, auto parts, as well as hardware and software.

In this sense, Bosch was visionary when it anticipated 10 years ago the potential that the electric motor would have in the bicycle sector. This made it start the manufacture of batteries and motors to be marketed to the main brands that, at that time, did not have experience in this area.

With time this action played in favor of Bosch, positioning it as the reference brand in the cycling sector, becoming the main supplier of motors for electric bicycles. This also allowed the company to ratify its brand image by providing this sector with the quality standards that were already part of its production line in other areas.

Now, with the presentation of the Bosch eBike Design Vision, the company feels that they have reached a point where they are able to satisfy the travel needs of the users, providing them with their own electric bicycle of high manufacture and quality in their standards.

As far as its attributes are concerned, Design Vision has a structure made of carbon fibre which, although it may resemble an electric mountain bike, it ends up looking like an urban bike.

Its Bosch engine system is concentrated in the frame and handlebars with a remarkably exceptional integration.

The Design Vision offers a performance CX Line engine and a Power Tube 625 battery, complemented by an on-board computer called Nyon, which looks like a smartphone screen.

Its Line CX engine is the highest exponent of Bosch in the electric bicycle sector. In the case of the Power Tube 625 battery, it is so closely coupled that it is difficult to tell where it is hidden.

Hidden behind a kind of luggage basket in the front, the Bosch eBike ABS provides this model with more security, an attribute that will be enough to make it talk. This, because it is a system that takes advantage of the disc brake to obtain improvements, resorting to copy the ABS braking system present in other vehicles.

Along with this, a light system composed of a high-powered LED front to promote visibility, rear lights and 3 LED points located on the frame.

Regarding its price and availability, Bosch has not provided any information, but, for all the above described, we believe this model has the potential to be successfully inserted in the market, as long as it keeps a competitive price, but this seems difficult given the high quality of the components and the integrated technologies.


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