Steam has embraced a new fast-paced roguelike, combining a little Hexen, Heretic and Doom to create a scary, brutal action experience. Undaunted, by developer Trimatra Interactive and publisher Crescent Moon Games, was announced for PC and then iOS, where it will be available in the near future.

The plot turns the player into a heretic banished to the depths of Tartarus. After being trapped in the sunken city of Minos, he will have to make his way through all sorts of hell spawn if he is to escape from his labyrinthine prison. With procedural dungeons and spell-casting combat using a series of increasingly powerful sticks, the adventure will get more complicated as the exit gets closer.

In the beginning, the player will have an improvised team, which will force him to search for mana or change to a rusty sword to survive. As the player progresses, gold will accumulate and can be spent on useful consumables and an improved arsenal. The best weapons that money can buy mean very little in the hands of a player who doesn’t know how to use them. Undaunted forces you to stay fast and agile and know how to combine aggressive and defensive maneuvers when necessary.

The title does not yet have a confirmed release date for iOS, although a PC demo is available on If you’re curious, we invite you to visit their Steam page and their development diary on the independent project site, Indiedb.


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