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Will there be cars at Fortnite?


Mobility within the Fortnite map has always been one of Epic’s biggest headaches, and attempts to make it faster and easier can be counted in dozens, starting with shopping carts and ending with the removal of vertical gullies.

Now, Season 3 of Chapter 2 adds up to a new attempt, a series of vehicles that will allow us to move around the map at our leisure but will have a system for spending gasoline that will limit its use.

In fact, we will spend more depending on whether we drive in normal mode or in turbo mode and, moreover, if the vehicle is damaged by our driving or enemy fire we will lose fuel. But there will be a way to replace it.

This is what the latest leaks from the dataminers have revealed, and they also have a launch date and several statistics about some of the vehicles.
It is commented that the vehicles will arrive at the game next July 21, also coinciding with a considerable reduction of the water level to make driving much more comfortable.

Below are all the statistics that have been released so far. Apparently there will be four types of vehicles at Fortnite: two cars, a pickup and a truck. Pending official confirmation from Epic Games, these are the numbers being handled on the vehicles.



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