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Microsoft integrates Android apps directly into Windows 10 via ‘Your Phone’


Android apps are increasingly integrated into Windows 10. Using the ‘Your Phone’ functionality Microsoft has integrated notifications, messages, photos, calls and other phone options directly into Windows. Now, thanks to a new update and for the time being for some Samsung phones, it is possible to run Android apps directly on the computer.

Previously, Windows 10 was able to display Android applications on the phone by mirroring what was happening on the phone. Now however it is something different, the applications can be run directly from Windows without having to open them on the phone, although they still come from there.

The functionality has been announced for the newly introduced Samsung Galaxy Note 20. It will arrive in the next few months this year and they say they are working on getting it to more Samsung phones. At the moment it is not clear if we will have it on other brands’ phones as well. The official list of compatible phones at the moment only shows Samsung phones.

While all other Your Phone integrations are done in the Your Phone app itself, the option to run Android apps directly creates a new window and essentially behaves like a Windows app. This means for example that we can pin them to the taskbar to open them quickly. It is also possible to navigate between apps (Android and Windows) with Alt+Tab without any difference between them.

Where we can find differences is in the operation and performance itself. Microsoft warns that not all Android apps will work perfectly and some may present failures. For example, it should not be surprising if some show a black screen or if they do not support sound or keyboard and mouse input.



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