When you try to keep a secret for a long time it’s easy for someone to miss something. In the case of Xbox Series S, the supposedly cheap version of Xbox Series X that Microsoft hadn’t shown yet, the whole neighborhood, including the neighbors, has lost its tongue.

After many documents, console codes, and photos scattered around the web, it’s now the turn of an Xbox controller and the list of compatible devices in its box. Among them, the now famous Xbox Series X|S combo.

It appears that the controller may have come into the hands of a Twitter user and, after several photos and videos posted on his account, media outlets such as The Verge and Ars Technica have confirmed that the product is real.

Microsoft has not yet spoken openly of the arrival of a second console alongside Xbox Series X, but rumors and clues about that possibility have been going around since the arrival of the new generation was put on the table.

As they said months ago, between now and the launch they will be giving various presentations about Xbox Series X and its games. We know today that another presentation will take place in August, but not if the increasingly feasible Xbox Series S will be part of it.


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