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It’s official: soon there will be a Fall Guys game for mobiles

TechnologyIt's official: soon there will be a Fall Guys game for mobiles

During the confinement caused by the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen how online games have shot up in popularity. Despite this, the king of 2020 could be, for the moment, a title that has been with us only a few weeks, Fall Guys.

This Battle Royale (games in which dozens of players start but only one can remain) has been the hottest game of the summer. At the moment it is available on PC and PlaStation but the developer has confirmed that there will be a mobile version of Fall Guys.

With extremely colorful graphics and an almost jovial design, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has become a title we all want to see on mobile devices. The company Bili Game has managed to get the rights to this title on mobile devices, but only for China. Interestingly, the same name will not be used, but a very similar one: Jelly Bean: The Ultimate Knockout.

Although the developer talks about distribution in China, it would be strange not to see a version for the rest of the countries later on, given the tremendous success Mediatonic has had with its new game.

Mediatonic itself has confirmed that they are indeed developing a mobile version, but they have not specified whether it is the Chinese version that Bili has announced it is “developing or a version for the international market”.

We remind you that there are currently no Fall Guys for mobiles so if you see a video or a Google Play Store application that claims to be one you should not, under any circumstances, install it: they are fake copies and could have viruses

If you don’t know the title we leave you with the video of the launch trailer where you can see clearly what the game is about.


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