There are a million (or more) accessories for cell phones: from the most advanced and sophisticated gadgets to the most useless plastic accessories in the world.

From all of them, we propose you these that we believe really bring utility and improve your phone experience at a reasonable price.

Memory card reader ($3-5)

If you need more space to have all your favorite applications, then one SD, microSD and TF card reader to store and share content with your mobile will make your life much easier.

You must bear in mind that the adapter is compatible with all Android phones and tablets that have the OTG function, which is a more flexible USB 2.0 extension; this way, you will be giving your smartphone an extra one.

Folding Stick for Selfies ($15-25)

Another device for our phones that makes our lives easier when it comes to making selfies. The selfies stick with light will make our photos more beautiful.

It also comes with a tripod in case you want to take pictures from a distance together with a remote control so you can control the stick by means of Bluetooth. Also, this gadget is compatible with both Android and iOS phones.

Wireless Mini Headset ($30-180)

Continuing with the list we have a mini wireless headset, ideal for making/answering calls or listening to music, operated by Bluetooth 5.0 connection compatible with most smartphones and tablets.

Its ergonomic design makes it more comfortable and lighter, to take with you to work or exercise; it must also have noise cancellation technology that allows for better call stability with clear voice pickup.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakerphone ($10-25)

This is one of the gadgets that are used the most: a bluetooth speaker. It is very useful that it is totally waterproof, so you can continue using it even after you have submerged it; it will not normally reach that extreme but this way we avoid it from getting damaged if we use it in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

A stable connection, which allows it to be used up to 10 meters away, will allow us to leave the cell phone far from the shower, for example, while we enjoy a podcast, the radio or our favorite music.

Bluetooth game controller for Android ($15-45)

Are you a fan of video games on your smartphone? Then here’s a special gadget for you. The video game controller is ideal for playing with your smartphone, having compatibility with Android and Windows PC platforms via Bluetooth connection.

This controller is designed with those occasions in mind when, by playing certain games, it becomes somewhat tedious to have both hands on the mobile screen to press the different buttons. Well, that annoyance is over with this device.

Smartphone Insurance ($50-200)

Although in principle it is assumed that having insurance will always allow us to enjoy our phone with more peace of mind, it is best to find out about mobile insurance because it is advisable to insure it when these circumstances arise:
– the phone has a medium-high price and repairing it would be expensive
– insurance covers screen breakage and theft/burglary (if it includes moisture/water damage, even better)
– the price is adjusted to that of our phone (be careful with the flat rates and with the supposed “offers” that the seller of the phone will make to us that later are not so interesting)
To prevent your phone from falling and save on costly repairs and reduce insurance premiums, you can get a cell phone strap that ensures a safe grip and helps you hold your phone securely even in extreme circumstances.


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