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Among Us: how to play the new trending game in Android

TechnologyAmong Us: how to play the new trending game in Android

The selection of games available in Android is huge, but every now and then there is a game that becomes the most popular of the moment. This is the case now with Among Us, a game that is triumphing among Android users. You may have heard about this new game, which you can now download from the Play Store.

Among Us is presented as an interesting game, since despite having a classic concept, let’s say it is a modernized version of Cluedo, the game has been able to add certain elements that make it different and especially entertaining. Not surprisingly, it is being one of the successes of the moment among Android users.

The premise of Among Us is simple: we place ourselves in a spaceship, in a group of between 4 and 10 people (10 is the maximum per game). In this group we meet an impostor, which we will have to unmask. While we play, maintenance tasks are being performed on the ship, although the impostor will try to sabotage this, as well as kill the crew members on the ship. In addition, he plays to his advantage, because he can move around areas of the ship that no one knows or can see. These murders always take place out of sight, although the impostor has to be careful, so that no one will unmask him.

Our task is therefore to find this impostor in the game. Every time a body is found, it is reported and a discussion and vote is taken to determine who the impostor is. The one with the most votes is expelled from the ship and if he is the impostor, then we have won and the game ends directly. If not, the same mechanics will be followed until the impostor is discovered on the ship. So more people will die.

The graphics in the game are simple and do not prevent it from being entertaining, besides making it easy to play on any Android phone, also on models within the more modest range. The controls in Among Us do not present complications, so you will not have problems when playing on your phone. It is presented as a pleasant proposal, with a simple premise, but that entertains and makes it ideal for all types of users.


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