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Sony reduces by 4 million the production of PS5 due to problems in the manufacture of chips

TechnologySony reduces by 4 million the production of PS5 due to problems in the manufacture of chips

Sony has reduced its estimated PS5 production for the fiscal year by 4 million, from 15 to 11 million consoles as of March 31, 2021. According to Bloomberg, the cause is problems in the production of its system on chip (SoC), with a performance of 50%, which prevents the achievement of the expected objectives. Last July, Sony increased production to prepare for the demand for consoles this Christmas – PS5 is expected to reach stores in November, although this should be confirmed tomorrow – and although performance has gradually improved since it started manufacturing, it has not yet reached a stable level.

The analyst Masahiro Wakasugi comments in this article that the estimated prices for PS5 are $449 for the standard model and $399 for the model without an optical disk reader, but this is not a filtered information but a prediction.

Sony started the year with conservative manufacturing plans for PS5, and has been struggling with the price of its new console. The COVID-19 arrived and this caused sales forecasts to be revised upwards, as people needed home entertainment, “they saw the biggest growth seen in PS Plus subscriptions and sales records with the summer releases The Last of Us: Part II and Ghost of Tsushima,” says Bloomberg. This would be one of the reasons to expect a good debut for PS5 during the end of the year, when the coronavirus pandemic will not be completely resolved.

Even with this reduction to 11 million PS5 in the fiscal year, the figure is estimated to be higher than PS4. According to analyst Daniel Ahmad, the distribution of PS4 had reached 7.5 million in April 2014, and production would be around 10 million. The official details will be known on Wednesday 16th. Among the surprises of the announced games it seems that it will be Final Fantasy XVI of Square Enix.


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