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WhatsApp ‘Online’ status monitoring applications


WhatsApp is a service on which bad or illegitimate intentions continually fall. At a high level, there are companies that are dedicated to find failures in order to offer espionage as a service. This is the case of NSO Group with attacks such as the one suffered by Jeff Bezos using his Pegasus software.

However, at the user level, there is also software that tries to take advantage of the loopholes left by the service, although in many cases it is quite useless.

The function of these apps is as simple as monitoring the activity of the accounts, in order to see the connection times of the contacts, the time they have been online, and the time they are out of the application. It may seem like trivial data, but in these times, it can be used in toxic work or personal relationships.

After downloading one of the many applications that spy, operation is usually simple. We are asked to enter the numbers on which to carry out a monitoring, and we are offered that every time they change their statuses notify us or simply collect the data and then see a detailed report (in some cases even graphically).

In addition to the fact that these apps exist and are really easy to monitor, the “problem” is that WhatsApp does not allow you to disable the ‘Online’ status when you connect, which allows messaging applications such as ‘Slack’ or the old ‘Messenger’.

The applications cannot access the conversations, but they can offer functions such as analyzing if two specific people are connected at the same time, to offer a report if they are talking, just for statistics. This is the typical function that a jealous person would want to have in order to control whether their partner is talking to whom they think they are talking to.


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