The fact that Among Us is the hottest game is no surprise to anyone: it’s easy to see its level of popularity on social networks, and since a handful of influential content creators brought it to Twitch, it went from one million monthly downloads to 42, on cell phones alone. That last figure is the one we collected in mid-September, but as we are about to turn the page on the calendar, we can see that this success has only increased.

On Twitter, one of the game’s developers shares some graphics unraveling the activity rates of Among Us today. The data speaks for itself: in the first week of September, iOS -the favorite platform of its followers- registered more than 20 million players daily. The following week, it was close to 40. As of September 21, it is almost 60. The trend continues to grow, so we will most likely be talking about even higher numbers now.

In the absence of more precise and updated details, it is easy to see that on Steam, the second most popular platform for Among Us, there was a peak of 438,524 simultaneous players last Saturday, September 26th. It is also its highest peak to date in the Valve domains. For example, last month’s peak was just over 73,000 simultaneous users in the same store.

As a reminder, Innersloth recently announced the cancellation of Among Us 2: an understandable move, but also a very risky one for a game whose code has been defined as “fragile”. In the past, the arrival of new mappings, roles and surprises to the sequel was anticipated, so perhaps a good part of those same novelties will end up being implemented in the original.


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