New wave of expulsions in Call of Duty: Warzone. More than 20,000 players have been kicked out of Infinity Ward’s battle royale after the studio managed to detect users of EngineOwning, a subscription service that offers tools to use cheating. It is not clear that all banned players used this program, but some of them did, according to people “familiar with the subject matter.

Among those 20,000 players was streamer Nick Wagner, whose Activision account was deleted while he was broadcasting live. It is not the first time that a relatively well-known streamer has been expelled from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) and its battle royale mode, as it happened to MrGolds at the end of August.

On the EngineOwning public forums there are numerous users complaining about expulsions: “I was permanently expelled yesterday. I created a new account today and it was instantly deleted,” asks one of the service’s subscribers.”Damn, I just got home ready to go into combat and boom, this account has been deleted,” laments another user who has two more months paid up from his subscription.

“I’ve actually paid for this cheating software, so it shouldn’t lead to an expulsion,” reasons another user, who claims he only uses it if someone else is cheating. “We knew the risks! It was fun while it lasted,” concludes another player. An EngineOwning forum administrator assures that they are “working on detecting” cheating.

In addition to expelling detected cheaters, Infinity Ward has taken other measures against them such as introducing two-step verification in the PC version and bringing suspected cheaters together in the same game. The study announced nearly 70,000 removals in mid-April and another 50,000 earlier that month; the game was released in March.


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