One of the great mysteries of the next generation is now solved: what PS5 looks like inside. Sony has published a complete teardown where the engineer Yasuhiro Ootori dismantles a console to show its interior and discover all its components. Today, just seven years ago, Ootori himself was in charge of dismantling a PlayStation 4 to see the inside of the console.

The first thing that catches the attention of PlayStation 5 is its dimension and the 390 mm high that it measures when placed vertically. “It is bigger than PS4, but this translates into an incredible improvement in performance in terms of processing power and silence,” explains Ootori. Before we go into the cutting, we can see that on the front the console has a USB-C port (10 Gbps) and a USB-A port, while on the back there are two USB-A ports (10 Gbps), the LAN port, HDMI and the power port.

In case of any doubt, the grilles on the front are for ventilation and the side acts as an exhaust port. One of the first details appears when Ootori starts up the cutting, the screw on the base that is removed to put the console upright can be kept in the same holder. The engineer also explains that users can remove the white panels on both sides, an action necessary for storage expansion.


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