We always recommend our customers to get advice before buying a printer and study their printing needs. The important thing is that they analyze the use that they are going to give to it, since that point will be the one that finally will mark the difference between a good or bad election. Laser printers may or may not be the best depending on the type of work or document we need to print.

If you are going to buy a printer to make a few prints a month, the best option is an inkjet model, not only because of the price but also because it is so easy to use.

If, on the contrary, you have an office, a small business or a lot of printing is done at home, your best option is a laser printer.

In order to make your choice the best, we detail below the advantages and disadvantages of this type of printer.


1.- Saving. The cost of printing a copy with a laser printer is cheaper than with an inkjet. Although the supplies of a laser printer are more expensive, they usually have a higher yield than ink cartridges, so the cost per copy is really much lower.

2º.- Speed. One of its fundamental characteristics is that they print the pages completely not by sections, this allows the process to be much faster and although they need to heat the fuser initially before printing the first sheet, from there on their speed is much higher than an inkjet model. The slowest laser printers on the market print about 25 sheets per minute, compared to basic ink printers that print 6-8 pages per minute, the difference is considerable.

3º.- High performance. These printers are prepared for high volume jobs, thus avoiding jams and problems when printing jobs with many pages.

4º.- Silence. Laser printers are much quieter than ink printers.

5º.- Printing quality. In terms of quality, the texts are sharper and more precise than those printed with an inkjet model, which can also blur and lose quality. Even when printing in draft quality, the image is of higher quality in a laser printer.

6º.- Supplies. The consumable of a laser printer is dust so we will not have the problem of it drying out, evaporating or expiring like ink.


1.- Price. Although the cost per black and white or grayscale copy is lower, the initial outlay for the printer is higher. Laser printers are usually more expensive than ink printers and more if we choose a multifunction laser.

2º.- Temperature: When you print many pages they get hotter than ink printers. However, this situation occurs in low-end printers, high-end printers are technically prepared to avoid overheating.

3º.- Low photographic quality. Although high-end laser printers print photographs of acceptable quality, they do not achieve the photographic quality of inkjet models designed for this purpose.

4º.- The first printing. In these printers, the fuser must be warmed up when starting to print, so the first printing is always slower.


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