Google Play Music’s days are numbered. We’ve already seen its best features move to YouTube Music, along with a number of options for users to make the switch seamlessly.

And one of the factors that was still pending before the final closure was the Google Play Music store. An option that is no longer available, so users can no longer purchase music through this medium.

Google has opted for a model of streaming music with YouTube Music, so far from the options to buy digital music as was the case with Play Music. If you take a look at the Music Store you will find instructions on how to get your library to YouTube Music using some of the available options.

For example, if you want to keep all your music (songs, playlists, reviews, purchased or own music) you can use the Google Takeout tool to create a file and download it to your computer. Or if you simply want to delete your data and everything related to your Google Music library, then go to your Account Settings to do this.

And of course, you can also move your music from Play Music to YouTube Music. To do this, just go to this link and follow the instructions. And if you don’t do anything, please note that your data and your entire Google Music library will be automatically deleted when you close your account. So you still have a little time to evaluate what you want to do with your account.


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