The arrival of the Golden Axed project and the Streets of Kamurocho that pays tribute to the Streets of Rage and Yakuza sagas are the names that have made the most noise with the announcement of SEGA’s 60th anniversary, but they are not the only gifts that the hedgehog brand has in store for us.

This afternoon they will be giving away the first of those four games they have prepared for us, Armor of Heroes, a local multiplayer tank game that may well make up for an afternoon but probably won’t last much longer. But that’s not all we can manage today.

Sega Saturn’s legendary Nights into Dreams can also become part of our free Steam library by logging on to the website that SEGA has prepared to celebrate the company’s 60th anniversary. You can do it from here.

The company promises new surprises during the next 60 days that the celebration will last and, although it is not known if it will have more gift games up its sleeve, the same website invites you to be on the lookout weekly for content from its main studios during the next 8 weeks.


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