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Roblox has generated over $2 billion with its mobile versions


Roblox is one of the most popular games in the market and in case there was any doubt about it today ROBLOX Corporation has announced that its players have already invested more than 2000 million dollars in its mobile versions.

A really surprising figure if we take into account that it was originally released in the App Store eight years ago and that the Android version was not released until 2014. But even more shocking is the fact that half of this figure, 1 billion dollars, belongs to the last 12 months.

According to a report, the best month for Roblox was May 2020, when the game generated 113 million dollars through micropayments, triple what it managed to generate in May 2019. Continuing with these surprising figures, in the last five months the title has managed to generate 500 million dollars.

Roblox is a free adventure and creation game with micropayments that is not only available on cell phones, but also on PC and Xbox One. Recently it was reported that its developer company is preparing to go public with a current valuation of 4000 million dollars.

The fever for the game has not stopped rising since last summer, when it even surpassed Minecraft reaching 100 million players per month, who invest more than 1500 million hours per month in this peculiar virtual platform in which we can create our own worlds.


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