As we already announced 7 days ago, two games have arrived with terror as their main character; although one of them is in its own way. In any case, ideal proposals to celebrate Halloween, something that they have done from the digital store during the whole month of October, since the games with this theme have predominated.

On the one hand there is Blair Witch, a psychological horror title developed by Bloober Team inspired by the film Blair Witch Project. The Polish studio is one of those that have dominated the horror genre in recent years and, on this occasion, proposes a survival horror that starts with an investigation in which the protagonist must find the whereabouts of some children who have disappeared in a forest.

The other free game of the week needs less introduction. It is Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered, the remastering of the 2009 game based on the mythical film, which has action and doses of humor as the main starting point. A way to live in another way the legendary ghost movie saga.

Epic Games Store has also announced that next week we will be able to download for free Wargame: Red Dragon, an RTS proposal in which Western forces confront the Communist block.


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