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WhatsApp breaks the 100 billion messages per day barrier


Mark Zuckerberg provided a rather striking piece of information about WhatsApp during the company’s quarterly earnings report on Facebook: about 100 billion messages are sent every day through the benchmark instant messaging application.

This figure was generally reserved for key days such as New Year’s, but not during unscheduled daily use. Four years ago, in 2016, the sum of messages sent by Facebook and WhatsApp totalled 60 billion messages. Thanks to this data, we can better see the perspective of the growth volume…

It is clear that every day we abuse WhatsApp more for our communications, not only among friends or family, but also at the professional level – something that should not be done in certain sectors. The feasibility of use and expansion among users, made WhatsApp launch a professional version that some companies have even made an official communication channel.

WhatsApp continues to be unstoppable compared to other alternatives

Without a doubt, WhatsApp has not only become a priority application when we buy a new smartphone, it is the communication tool par excellence on any mobile device. There are other applications that offer the same service, but do not reach the levels of the Facebook proprietary app.

Apple’s iMessage, Telegram, Signal and WeChat are just some of the applications that we can find in the Google or iOS application store. Although depending on the region have a greater or lesser volume of users, the truth is that WhatsApp reigns in almost all of them.

In the case of Apple with iMessage, Tim Cook -CEO of the company- stated that they are experiencing a record increase in the use of messages between Apple devices. Although unlike Mark Zuckerberg, he did not offer specific data.

Phone calls have given way to WhatsApp messages

Only a few years ago we said that why would we want to write a message when we could call and save the SMS. Now everything has taken a 360º turn, we prefer a message or audio in WhatsApp instead of a phone call.

The answer could be interruption. A phone call has the disadvantage of interrupting us abruptly and we have to pause our activity to attend to a request. The phone call lacks previous information, so we need to accept it yes or yes to know the reason of the call. Otherwise, we will not receive the information.

Instead, with a text message -free of charge- and the possibility of seeing the information previously through a notification on the screen of our smartphone, it allows us to decide if we really have to attend the request or if you can go to the background and answer at another time.


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