The month of November is already here. The expected release of the new generation of consoles is just weeks away, including a Sony PlayStation 5 that will debut in most regions on November 19th. However, the premiere of a new console does not mean that the company is going to give up its current PlayStation 4, especially with a situation like that of this 2020 that has boosted sales in the sector. And in September, they already announced that some of the first exclusives will be intergenerational, including Horizon: Forbidden West.

In 2021, 2022, that PS4 community will account for the vast majority of people on PlayStation consoles. Now, Jim Ryan promises in an interview for Games Industry that his brand will continue to support PS4 for at least a couple more years, to keep the PS4 community “happy and active” with over 113 million consoles sold: “Obviously, our view and our horizons have broadened about what is possible within the PS4 community, based on what we’ve seen over the last six months,” Ryan says, referring to the increase in players during the lockouts.

“That can be very powerful, because in 2021, 2022,… That PS4 community we’ve talked about, will account for the vast majority of people on PlayStation during that time,” adds the brand director. “It’s crucial that we keep them active and happy. And the last six months have shown that we could do that to an extent that we didn’t think possible when we were defining our ideas before COVID-19.

It’s not surprising that companies keep supporting their platforms past the release of a new generation. And even less so with the sales figures achieved by PS4 during this stage, of course. With these words, we understand that PlayStation will take care of the users of this console at least for several years, while the generational change happens.


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