The work of Thomas van den Berg and Marco Bancale is one of those inevitably associated with the name Raw Fury. Not in vain, Kingdom was the first game of this Swedish publisher, back in 2015. And we only had to wait a year for its improved version, Kingdom: New Lands, until its official sequel in 2018.

Today, however, Kingdom: Two Crowns is not given away, but again the first Kingdom, the classic of 2015. And in this case, through Humble Store.

You just need to subscribe to the newsletter (it’s free, don’t worry) and then they will send an email with a link, from which we will be taken to the direct section for downloading, with a code to redeem on Steam before November 9th. Yes, almost a week ahead.

And what is Kingdom about? Let’s say it’s the typical innocent looking strategy game where you can lose hours without even realizing it. You start with nothing, you get coins little by little, you create and improve your settlement, you start to have more people… And everything goes very crazy going back and forth.


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