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WhatsApp shopping is getting closer


One of the innovations that WhatsApp advanced a few weeks ago is a greater integration with the purchases through WhatsApp Business. Now, the company has begun to deploy the purchase button within the application, which means that the new functionalities of the business profiles are now fully active.

It is therefore a starting point for greater monetization of the platform and also a way to boost e-commerce through chats, especially for small shops that have seen online sales as one of the safeguards to deal with the COVID pandemic and restrictions.

In this sense, this is the first step taken by the company to make online catalogs a source of income for small businesses. At the moment, there is no unified purchasing process, something that will come later, since the buy button is only a direct access to the profile catalogs that, until now, was much more hidden.

In addition, the new purchase button replaces the voice call button, which is still available but now gives way to a greater role for the catalogs. This is an important change in the way WhatsApp Business profiles are structured and an interesting change for all platform users, who will gradually have access to more tools such as the announced unified purchasing process, which the company has called the future of business messaging.

There is still a long way to go before WhatsApp, in addition to a messaging service, becomes a source of e-commerce, at least the steps the company has taken to do so are still somewhat timid, with changes here and there but without completely rethinking the foundations of its application.

Meanwhile, the mobile payment system, although it seemed quite promising, is following the same trail: a dry spell with the prohibition in Brazil of its local deployment and a global launch that, it seems, is quite far from reaching in the short term, at least in a completely universal and functional way for all platform users.


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