One of the eternal debates of Titanic is whether Jack, the character played by Leonardo DiCaprio, would have survived if he had gotten on the board where Rose (Kate Winslet) was. It is clear that it had to be a terrible experience, although now you can live part of it, from a certain point of view, with Under: Depths of Fear.

In this terrifying title, players will play the role of Alexander Dockter, a veteran soldier who participated in the First World War and who must do everything possible to survive in a mysterious transatlantic that is slowly sinking, which will make us get into an adventure of the most distressing.

However, it will not be all about wandering the narrow corridors looking for a way to escape the ship. In the middle of this so sinister night in which the events will take place, some of the most frightening beings will begin to appear to complicate things even more. A most disturbing title with which, of course, if I had to choose, I would rather have to endure in the water as DiCaprio than face these adversities.

Still, if you’re brave enough to dive into this survival horror and try to figure out why it all happened, you can get Under: Depths of Fear on Steam.



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