Prices of products on Amazon can go up and down constantly, so it is important to have some kind of system that helps us identify the days when it is cheaper, and to know quickly if a divulged offer is really an offer or not.

The idea is to check that when they lower a price they haven’t really raised it before, a very common technique in some online stores when dates like Black Friday or Cyber Monday are approaching.

The extension I present today is Pricy, a plugin for Chrome, Firefox and Safari that is responsible for displaying price history on the Amazon product page.

Pricy always tells you when the price of the product is high and if a better price is worth waiting for. Based on the price history, Pricy calculates the appropriate price for a product, thus helping to avoid scams.

We just have to put the cursor on Pricy and see how the price has changed in the past so we can easily find trends and prepare for the big drop.

We can also set up instant price drop notifications, set a price we would pay for the product and let Pricy monitor the price and send a notification as soon as it falls below the defined price.


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