From the 2nd of December and coinciding with the arrival of Season 5 – Chapter 2, Fortnite players will be able to subscribe to Fortnite Crew, an option that in exchange for $11.99 per month includes the battle pass, 1,000 extra V-Bucks and a package with exclusive items that will be delivered on a monthly basis. The subscription will be associated to the platform on which it is purchased until it is cancelled and there is no option to transfer it.

Fortnite Crew subscribers will always have full access to the current season’s battle pass and will continue to receive it at a later date. Players who have purchased the current season’s battle pass or club pack items before subscribing will receive 950 V-Bucks. On the other hand, those who unsubscribe during a season will keep the battle pass. The extra 1,000 V-Bucks can be spent on any content and can be transferred between platforms.

About the club packs and the items they contain, Epic Games states that “they are only available to Fortnite Crew subscribers” and advances that “items that were already offered can be made available again later for Crew members”. The company also states that they “will never be sold or offered as gifts to non subscribers. As for its content, each pack will include a suit and at least one of these three items: hang-glider, beak or gesture.

Epic Games has already offered all the details of the first club pack, which features a costume inspired by the Empress of the Galaxy cosmos, her cosmic Llamacorn beak and her Fractured World backpack. Finally, we should mention that with the arrival of the Fortnite Crew the Battle Pack has been replaced by a 25-level pack, available for a price of 1,850 V-Bucks.


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