Along with Among Us, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has become the phenomenon of the year in its own right, bringing together thousands of players and generating a lot of excitement in the industry.

Available for Steam on PC and PS4 (it became one of the free games on PS Plus), Fall Guys has come to suffer from server issues due to high demand from players wanting to win their crown. However, the reality today for the title is different.

Thanks to Steam Charts, we can see how the peak of players in Fall Guys on PC was 172,000 people simultaneously, although in the last week the figure drops to a maximum of 14,000 and just under 7,000 at the worst times.

The causes of this decline in numbers may be due to several factors. Among them are the irruption of the aforementioned Among Us, as well as Genshin Impact, which have managed to take a large share of the limelight away from the work of Mediatonic, and was also besieged by the cheats who quickly found the gaps in the game to destroy the gaming experience of the rest of the players. In addition, the arrival of season 2 in October has not alleviated this drop, since although there was a rebound in players, the trend was once again negative.

Although the data only corresponds to the PC version and we don’t know the data for PS4, Fall Guys still handles very respectable figures. It is true that it has lost its focus, but its developer is very active in social networks, interacting with its followers and announcing new costumes, tests and content for the future.


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