The 5th season of Fortnite, called Point Zero, changes the island again while introducing hunters, warriors from other realities such as a gladiator, a pirate and yes, the Mandalorian.

Season 5 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite Battle Royale has started this December 2nd. Point Zero, as they have denominated to this season, returns to change the island, to introduce new weapons and to advance the crazy parallel plot to the battle royale, but also it incorporates the hunters, warriors of other realities that will help the players and between which there is a pirate, a gladiator in the bones (literally), and yes, the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda, the protagonists of the series emitted in Disney+ The Mandalorian (those who make purchases in the game will receive two months of subscription to the platform).

The Hunters will be able to help the characters of the island accepting their missions and contracts, where they will enter tasks like obtaining information in the surroundings, and they can also be hired as allies. Those characters can also be challenged to duels. However, the new characters will only accept bars (gold bars) as payment, which will be achieved by completing missions and contracts, eliminating other players and finding caches hidden around the island.

The bars can also be spent in improvements, information, services and other things, among which there are new exotic weapons. There is no shortage of the Amban sniper rifle from the Mandalorian, but there are also new tools such as the Dragon’s Breath shotgun, the Night Hawk tracker and other gadgets that will be arriving throughout the season.

Speaking of changes in the season, Epic Games warns that the hunters seen in the season pass trailer are not the only ones: using the time loop in which the island is trapped as an excuse, Agent Jones will bring in hunters from “distant realities”. Finally, the island itself has changed: an ancient gladiatorial arena, a jungle and quicksand located below Ground Zero have been introduced.

Marvel’s superheroes finish off Galactus in Fortnite

The temporary mess that begins this season has its explanation in the Galactus Event that happened on Tuesday night, in which the superheroes of Marvel have finished with The Devourer of Worlds. The first challenges of Zero Point will be activated on Thursday, December 3rd, so we recommend you to have a guide at hand to know how to solve them as soon as they are available.


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